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Sending samples to the AFS Limited  laboratory for testing is simple. It is important that samples arrive at our lab in as best condition as possible in order for us to make an accurate diagnosis. In general this means keeping the samples cool. To ensure they arrive so they will provide an accurate representation of the problem follow the simple procedures listed below:
  1. Sample at least 6 seedlings that you feel most accurately represents each issue of concern.
  2. Label each representative sample in a manner that makes most sense to your needs.
  3. Place each representative sample in a labeled plastic bag. Seedling roots can be wrapped in wet paper towel.
  4. Put all representative samples in a box, preferably insulated if possible.
  5. Include a freeze pack in the box with the samples.
  6. Ship by the courier of your choice, preferably early in the week to ensure samples arrive at our lab by no later than Friday. It is preferable if samples do not sit in a warm warehouse over a weekend.
  7. Ship the samples to:

         Applied Forest Science Limited

     4417 Bennett Road

     Victoria, BC

     V9C 3Y3