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Integrated Pest Management

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AFS Limited does applied research aimed at problem solving and provides consultation services on forest pests, fungi and insects in the field, greenhouse, and laboratory.  Our ongoing involvement in a wide variety of research and monitoring studies has resulted in the development of several products and techniques that reduce losses and minimize the impact of pests in forest seedling nurseries and plantations.  We diagnose diseases of conifer cones, seeds, seedlings, and mature trees and provide recommendations for disease control and the development of integrated pest management (IPM) programs.

We monitor, conduct surveys for pests as well as beneficial fungi and assay soil, water and other materials for pathogens, including nematodes. We offer lecture services and program participation, conduct literature searches and perform statistical and other computer analyses.

The company has an office and a modern 1000 ft2 fully-equipped laboratory near Victoria, B.C.  Equipment such as autoclaves, growth chambers, laminar flow hood, centrifuge and compound and stereo microscopes allow us to provide a full range of pest related research as well as provide diagnostic services.  Also, we can assay soil, seeds, seedlings and trees for pathogens.  The laboratory is equipped to do nematode extraction’s.  Beside the modern laboratory there is a 1024 ft3 walk-in cooler, a freezer for storage and seed stratification and a 27 X 35 ft greenhouse.

All AFS Limited personnel are fully qualified to carry out both laboratory and rigorous field studies.  As an applied science company, all AFS employees appreciate the need to combine accuracy and dedication to the job at hand.